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Streaming Video at Brock University Library

Licensed Titles

Below are all currently leased Kanopy films, and their license expiry dates. This list was last updated November 1, 2021.

If a film expires before you need it, we can renew the license in advance of its expiry date. Just email your liaison librarian.

Film TitleLicense Expiry
1492—Globalization and Fusion Cuisines22 Sep 2022
1571: Spain, Portugal Encircle the Globe04 Oct 2022
Accounting and Finance—Decision-Making Tools23 Aug 2022
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night01 Feb 2022
A Hard Day's Night25 Mar 2022
Ali: Fear Eats the Soul24 Aug 2022
Alice in the Cities24 Aug 2022
Alive Inside - A Story of Music and Memory23 Aug 2022
Alphaville18 Jun 2022
Alternate Endings - Six New Ways to Die in America23 Aug 2022
Alternatives to Net Present Value13 Jul 2022
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch - How Humans Have Impacted the Planet05 Oct 2022
A Perfect Candidate13 Sep 2022
Arab Invasion of Andalusia - 71129 Sep 2022
Assessment for Learning: Peer Feedback and Student Self-Assessment (playlist)31 Oct 2022
Assessment for Learning: Putting It All Together (playlist)06 Oct 2022
Assessment Tools (collection)02 Sep 2022
Au Hasard Balthazar23 Aug 2022
Beauty Before Age - Growing Older in Gay Culture09 Nov 2022
Being and Becoming - Schooling and Child Development15 Sep 2022
Being Fully Present with Joy Ufema10 Dec 2021
Bicycle Thieves17 Mar 2022
Big Data—“They” Know Everything about You15 Mar 2022
Bioterrorism: How Worried Should We Be?07 Jun 2022
Blackfish12 Oct 2022
Black Gold - A Look at Coffee Production Around the World19 Jan 2022
Born in Flames23 Aug 2022
Born in Syria - Child Refugees of Syria's Civil War31 Mar 2022
Born To Fly: Elizabeth Streb Vs Gravity - Pushing Boundaries Between Action and Art23 Aug 2022
Bottled Life - The Global Business of Bottled Water19 Jul 2022
Breathless11 Jan 2022
Broken Trust: Ending Athlete Abuse (playlist)07 Sep 2022
Bullying Cultures - The Social and Psychological Dynamics of Bullying23 Nov 2021
Call Me By Your Name08 Jan 2022
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum Lisbon - 1000 Masterpieces from the Great Museums of the World (playlist)25 Oct 2022
Cape Verde My Love19 Jan 2022
Chèche Lavi26 Oct 2022
Child Development Basics06 May 2022
Chronicle of a Summer31 Oct 2022
Common Size, Trend, and Ratio Analysis13 Jul 2022
Community Health Nursing: A Practical View30 Sep 2022
Competing European Empires27 Sep 2022
Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis13 Jul 2022
Creole Languages25 Sep 2022
Customer-Focused Pricing23 Aug 2022
Darwin's Revolution in Thought - With Stephen Jay Gould16 Dec 2021
Dead Man01 Sep 2022
Defiant Lives - The Rise Of The Disability Rights Movement18 Dec 2021
Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease30 Sep 2022
Desert Hearts01 Mar 2022
Discovering Luis Buñuel25 Oct 2022
Disorders Associated with Anxiety (playlist)24 Aug 2022
Disorders Associated with Medical Illness (playlist)24 Aug 2022
Disorders Associated with Mood Disturbance (playlist)24 Aug 2022
Disorders Associated with Psychosis (playlist)01 Feb 2022
Dog By Dog - Confronting the Unjust Realities of Puppy Mills31 Aug 2022
Dogs of Democracy - A Story of Love and Loyalty31 Aug 2022
Don't Look Back01 Sep 2022
Edward Said On Orientalism - "The Orient" Represented in Mass Media20 Apr 2022
End Game: Breaking The Silence07 Sep 2022
Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room11 Nov 2022
Exit Through the Gift Shop - The World's First Street Art Disaster Movie01 Dec 2021
Fall of Granada - 149213 Sep 2022
Feeding Frenzy - The Food Industry, Obesity and the Creation of a Health Crisis23 Feb 2022
First Contact with Europe in Mesoamerica22 Sep 2022
Gather24 Mar 2022
Gen Silent - Discrimination Against LGBT Seniors (playlist)10 Mar 2022
Grey Gardens01 Dec 2021
Hearts and Minds31 Aug 2022
How About Adolf?24 Aug 2022
How Difficult Can This Be? F.A.T. City - A Learning Disabilities Workshop05 Oct 2022
How Investors Use Net Present Value13 Jul 2022
How to Analyze a Cash Flow Statement23 Aug 2022
How to Interpret a Balance Sheet23 Aug 2022
How to Value a Company’s Stock24 Aug 2022
I, Daniel Blake01 Feb 2025
ICD 10 Guided Collection (collection)02 Sep 2022
ICD 9 Guided Collection (collection)02 Sep 2022
Identifying Sources of Sales Growth23 Aug 2022
Illusions23 Aug 2022
Including Samuel - Inclusion of Children with Disabilities (playlist)19 Aug 2022
Indo-European Languages in Europe11 Sep 2022
Intelligent Lives23 Aug 2022
Iris - A Fashion Icon10 Sep 2022
It's Criminal - Women Discuss Privilege, Poverty, and Injustice in America13 Oct 2022
Japanese Story14 Dec 2021
Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels23 Aug 2022
John Cage - I Have Nothing to Say And I Am Saying It23 Aug 2022
Karmen Gei01 Jun 2022
Kebab Connection24 Aug 2022
Keeping an Eye on Your Margins23 Aug 2022
King: A Filmed Record...Montgomery To Memphis (playlist)07 Dec 2021
Know Your Mushrooms19 Nov 2021
Life Without Basketball - The Life of a Female Muslim Athlete07 Sep 2022
Made in Bangladesh19 Jan 2022
Man With A Movie Camera - Musical Accompaniment by Michael Nyman31 Oct 2022
Memento09 Sep 2022
Mergers and Acquisitions—The Winner’s Curse13 Jul 2022
Modern Times01 Mar 2022
Money & Life: Redefining Our Relationship with Money (playlist)17 Mar 2022
Monterey Pop23 Sep 2022
Mystery Train01 Sep 2022
Nanook of the North31 Aug 2022
Night of the Living Dead19 Jan 2022
Not Just a Game - Power, Politics & American Sports30 Mar 2022
Not My Life - The Global Impact of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery03 Aug 2022
Obscene: A Portrait of Barney Rosset and Grove Press23 Aug 2022
Other Disorders (playlist)01 Sep 2022
Pariah Dog31 Aug 2022
Passing - Profiling the Lives of Young Transmen of Color25 Feb 2022
Passion of Joan of Arc09 Nov 2022
Pather Panchali11 Jan 2022
Paula Rego: Telling Tales - Painting the Female Experience25 Oct 2022
Play: A Vygotskian Approach27 Sep 2022
Playing Unfair - The Media Image of the Female Athlete26 Mar 2022
Playtime01 Dec 2021
Privacy for the Cyber Age15 Mar 2022
Pussy Riot- A Punk Prayer10 Sep 2022
Race, Power and American Sports23 Aug 2022
Race - The Power of an Illusion (playlist)31 Jan 2022
Rock Hudson's Home Movies - The Life and Career of Actor Rock Hudson14 Jan 2022
Rome Open City04 Dec 2021
Rumble - The Indians Who Rocked the World14 Jan 2022
Saviors in the Night - Unter Bauern24 Aug 2022
Say Her Name - The Life and Death of Sandra Bland13 Oct 2022
Schooling and the Montessori Approach15 Sep 2022
Seven Beauties - Pasqualino Settebellezze04 Dec 2021
Starting the Writing Process08 Sep 2022
Stranger Than Paradise01 Sep 2022
Student Athlete23 Aug 2022
Tampopo14 Dec 2021
Teach Us All - Segregation and Education in the United States22 Jan 2022
The American Nurse30 Sep 2022
The Battle of Algiers17 Mar 2022
The Best Years of Our Lives14 Dec 2021
The Blue Angel - Der Blaue Engel24 Aug 2022
The Bystander Moment - Transforming Rape Culture at Its Roots (playlist)05 Apr 2022
The Chicken26 Jul 2022
The Codes of Gender - Identity & Performance in Popular Culture (playlist)31 Aug 2022
The Devil's Miner  - The Story of 2 Young Silver Miners in Bolivia03 Aug 2022
The Divine Order - Die göttliche Ordnung24 Aug 2022
The Empathy Gap - Masculinity and the Courage to Change19 Nov 2022
The First Family Discovered: Indo-European11 Sep 2022
The Future of Work - A Vice Special Report31 Oct 2022
The Great Beauty (La Grande Bellezza)31 Jan 2022
The Illusionists - The Globalization of Beauty (playlist)01 Mar 2022
The Invisible Patients - Life at the Edges of the American Healthcare System20 Sep 2022
The Line18 Mar 2022
The Marriage Circle13 Oct 2022
The Mask You Live In05 Apr 2022
The Origins and Development of Writing08 Sep 2022
The Rules of the Game - La règle du jeu01 Mar 2022
The Tribe24 Nov 2021
The Trojan Women10 Aug 2022
The Twain Legacy - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn14 Sep 2022
The Watermelon Woman23 Aug 2022
The Witness08 Jul 2022
The Wonders - Le meraviglie08 Jan 2022
The World Turned Upside Down07 Dec 2021
Three Identical Strangers - The Unbelievable Story of Triplets Separated at Birth02 Nov 2022
Through a Lens Darkly - Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People06 Jan 2022
Tongues Untied - Giving a Voice to Black Gay Men02 Sep 2022
TRANSforming Healthcare - Transgender Cultural Competency for Medical Providers20 Sep 2022
Trashed with Jeremy Irons31 Oct 2022
Ugetsu14 Dec 2021
Understanding the Time Value of Money06 Jan 2022
Venezuela: Revolution From the Inside Out22 Feb 2022
Vivre sa vie01 Sep 2022
Walkabout14 Dec 2021
War Photographer - Photojournalist James Nachtwey08 Feb 2022
Weighing the Costs of Debt and Equity23 Aug 2022
Wendy and Lucy27 Aug 2022
What We Do In The Shadows27 Aug 2022
Where Is Hope - The Art of Murder - Police Brutality Against People With Disabilities13 Jan 2022
Who's Afraid of Kathy Acker - An Outlaw Feminist Writer and Icon Who Challenged Gender Norms08 Sep 2022
Why the Income Statement Matters23 Aug 2022
Why The Jews?18 Jun 2022
You're Looking at Me Like I Live Here and I Don't - The First Film Shot in an Alzheimer's Care Unit20 Sep 2022

Thank you to Diane Westerfield  at Colorado College, Tutt Library, for sharing guidance on how to create the licenses table.