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Biomedical Sciences

Grey Literature

Grey literature databases identify resources that are key to research and scholarship. Many are open resources that go through a quality control process before they are published.

Definitions are scholarly dictionaries, encyclopedias and handbooks that help define terms and provide additional context. 

  Concise Medical Dictionary (2020) Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (2021) Dictionary of Public Health (2018)

  Encyclopedia of Public Health (2008) Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics (2016)

  Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine and Health (2012)

  Dictionary of Biomedicine (2010)

Occupational Health and Safety information is essential to dealing with injuries, accidents, government and regulatory information. There are many different handbooks and review resources, use Omni to locate individual resources, a selective few are listed below.

Chemicals, small molecule and drug databases.

Theses and Dissertations are important unpublished resources granted and retained by universities as capstone projects, these, and dissertations.

Open Education Resources (OERs) are digital ebooks and learning objects that can be used as open textbooks on a wide variety of general and disciplinary subjects. 

Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis research involves specialty databases and resources.