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Studies in Arts and Culture

A research guide to find scholarly articles, primary material, books and resources related to the STAC


On this page you will find both print and digital resources to help you in your research. There are many e-book collections as well as print materials we have within the Brock Library that relate to the subjects and courses you are taking. Try exploring these collections by using different combinations of keywords related to your topics.  Books and e-books can be excellent sources of both general (background research material) as well as more specific information like collections of scholarly essays. 

Print Material

There are a large number of print resources related to Studies in Arts and Culture and all of its facets within the library's collection. This list aims to serves as an example of the types of topics covered and showcase items that have been recently added to the collection. 

Below is an image of the filters you can apply within OMNI to limit to material within our collection here at Brock. This can help you find print material and then you are able to get these materials delivered to the downtown campus via the library request form found on the main page of this guide.