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Literature Reviews in Adult Education

What does a literature review look like?

A literature review can take many forms. A literature review can be:

  • an unpublished, stand-alone assignment
  • a chapter in a thesis or dissertation
  • as part of a research article

Browse in a journal...

To get an idea of what a literature review looks like, look for review articles (basically one big literature review of a topic). Review articles not only give you an idea of what a literature review looks like, but they will also give a great overview of important studies and research on your topic.

Search or browse for review articles in some of these journals:

Or search in a database...

When searching for articles on your topic, add "literature review" or "review article" to your search. You will then see review articles on your topic or articles that include a review of the literature.

Screenshot of search in Education Research Complete using keywords "workplace learning" and "literature review".

Try searching these databases:

Theses and Dissertations