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FNCE-ACTG 4P03: Financial Analysis

Getting Started

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This course guide is targeted at Brock University students enrolled in FNCE/ACTG 4P03 Financial Analysis and contains information to help you conduct research for your Term Project.

Step 1: Choose a publicly listed company. The following links will take you to the directories of stocks listed on each of these exchanges.

Step 2: Identify matched firms as benchmarks. The following resources provide competitor listings.

  • Yahoo! Finance - Direct Competitors (e.g., MSFT)
  • Mergent Online (Library Database) - Consult the Competitors tab of the Company report.
  • Factiva (Library Database) - the company snapshot identifies a Peer Group based on the Dow Jones industry Classifcation. Choose Peer Comparison from the Company Snapshot menu to change or modify the peer comparison criteria.
  • S&P Capital IQ Platform (Library Database) - public company profiles list competitors as named by the company, the competitor, or by a third party.

Database Demonstrations

Other Useful Guides

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