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FNCE-ACTG 4P03: Financial Analysis

Getting Started With Financial Analysis Research

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This course guide is targeted at Brock University students enrolled in FNCE/ACTG 4P03 Financial Analysis and contains information to help you conduct research for your Term Project (or similar assignments).

Step 1: Choose a publicly listed company. The following links will take you to the directories of stocks listed on each of these exchanges.

Step 2: Identify matched firms as benchmarks. The following resources provide competitor listings.

  • Yahoo! Finance - Direct Competitors (e.g., MSFT)
  • Mergent Online (Library Database) - Consult the Competitors tab of the Company report.
  • Factiva (Library Database) - the company snapshot identifies a Peer Group based on the Dow Jones industry Classification. Choose Peer Comparison from the Company Snapshot menu to change or modify the peer comparison criteria.
  • S&P Capital IQ Platform (Library Database) - public company profiles list competitors as named by the company, the competitor, or by a third party.

Accessing Bloomberg Professional Service at Brock University

The Bloomberg Professional Service is now available in the following locations at the Brock University campus in St. Catharines:

1. In the Goodman School of Business:

  • There are eight terminals located in GSB 278 off the Atrium.
    • Access is restricted to current Brock University students, faculty and staff.
    • NOTE: July 18-19, 2024 these 8 terminals will be unavailable as GSB 278 will be temporarily closed. Please see notes below on using Bloomberg terminals in the library

2. In the Brock University Library: Access is restricted to current Brock University students, faculty, and staff.

  • There are three Bloomberg terminals in the Library:
    • Two Library computers: Around the corner from the Ask Us Desk. Look for the computer with the specialized Bloomberg keyboard.
    • One Library laptop: sign out the Bloomberg Laptop at the Ask Us Desk for a four hour loan period. Overnight loan is also permitted. 
      • Can be used with or without the special keyboard. 
      • A strong wireless connection is required. If you have problems connecting to Bloomberg, check your wireless connection by connecting to the Brock University Wireless network

Access to the Bloomberg Professional Service in the Library including the database subscription and hardware, is available thanks to the generosity of the Goodman School of Business, Brock University.

Please note: Access to the Bloomberg Professional Service is not available to visitors with a temporary computer account.

Database Demonstrations

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