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MBAB 5P21: Business Strategy

A guide to information sources on Business Strategy to support your Service Learning Project

Using Primary & Secondary Sources for Strategic Analysis

Primary sources:

  • what an organization (or industry) says about itself via: annual reports, presentations, press releases, organizational blogs, tweets, speeches, etc.
  • In Service Learning projects, these sources may be provided by your client organization.

Secondary sources:

  • what others say about an organization (or industry) via: newspaper or magazine articles, books, or other media sources (e.g., television or radio transcripts,  social media sites, etc.)

How do these sources support your strategic analysis?

  • Provide background information on the organization
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Identify competitors and industry dynamics
  • Provide details on the broader environment
  • Provide real data (i.e., facts and statistics)