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MBAB 5P52: Human Resource Management

Find a Major Public Company

Your first task is to select a major public corporation for your analysis. Sometimes it can be helpful to scan lists or rankings of the top global companies as published by major business magazines such as Forbes or Fortune. Please note that some of these rankings or lists may include private companies. Be sure to confirm that the company that your select is publicly traded on a major stock exchange such as the Toronto Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, or Nasdaq.

Lists / Rankings

Identify Immediate Competitors

  • Most companies will not directly name their competitors. You can look for clues in the 10-K or annual report to see how they describe themselves with respect to the industry they operate in. 
  • Consult one of these sources of company profiles, which often list close competitors based on their industry classification (NAICS or SIC), or by product type.