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ENTR 3P98: Family Business

A guide to researching your famous family business project. Find articles in Family Business Review, find biographical sources on your famous family, company info sources, APA style help.

Welcome to the Family Business Research Guide

This research guide is targeted at Brock University students enrolled in ENTR 3P98 Family Business. It contains information to help you conduct research for your "Famous" Family Business Research Report and Presentation including the information that you need to complete your Template.
  • Some links will point to Library books, academic journals, or databases. You can access Library databases and other online sources from off-campus by signing in with your Brock ID and Password.
  • Some links will point to websites which do not require a subscription. These are noted with an orange padlock, which indicates that they are Open Access. 


Rankings of Family Businesses

Use the Global Family Business Index list to select your famous family businesses for your individual and group assignments.

These are other lists and rankings of famous family businesses. 

Company Information Sources For Template

Use these company information databases to look up your famous family business which include important details required for your template such as: 

  • the company location and contact information

  • names and titles of key executives and directors

  • a brief description of the business including key products and / or services

  • number of employees

  • the primary and secondary industries that it operates in (listed by SIC or NAICS code) 

  • key financial ratios, financial statements,  and stock price information

​Your best sources for ownership information are MintAmericas (for Canadian or US companies) or OSIRIS (which has global coverage).

The best "free" sources are or Yahoo! Finance. Search by Stock Ticker Symbol for your public company to locate a profile, a list of shareholders, financials, and more.

Determining Generational information may require conducting some biographical research. Start with the company web site, and then look at some of the secondary sources listed in this guide. 

[Remember, I am here to help! Feel free to contact me for assistance.  Linda Lowry]