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Bloomberg Professional

A guide on how to use the Bloomberg Professional service - a key research tool for accounting, finance, economics and business research.

What is the Bloomberg Professional Service?

Bloomberg Professional

The Bloomberg Professional Service (also known as the Bloomberg Terminal) is a research tool for financial professionals as well as business academics who require in depth and timely access to current business and company news, and financial and economic data.




COVID-19 Update & Disaster Recovery

  • Due to the closure of the Library during the COVID-19 Pandemic, our Bloomberg Professional Terminals are not available for in person use. However, students have been given free access (until December 31, 2020) to the web-based version of the Bloomberg Market Concepts online training and certification modules. Please see the Bloomberg Market Concepts page of this guide for further details.
  • Bloomberg Disaster Recovery has been set up by the Goodman School of Business which will enable remote access to Bloomberg Terminals for faculty or students who require access for teaching or research purposes.

New  Bloomberg Disaster Recovery

Information for GSB Faculty:

The Goodman School of Business is pleased to announce that 12 Disaster Recovery (DR) Terminals are available for school use to mitigate the loss of the Bloomberg Lab while the school remains in Stage 3.

  • Access to the DR Terminals is available for both faculty and students needing terminal access to complete research or course work in the fall term with all request approvals being handled directly by the Associate Dean’s office.
  • Please direct your requests for approval to
  • Registration for the DR Terminal is handled through the Bloomberg for Education Portal (the same site used for access to Bloomberg Market Concepts). Step by step instructions are attached.
  • An online booking calendar for the shared DR Terminals is now available. 
  • When students request access please refer them to the University’s Guide to Academic Computing Behaviour

Guide to Financial Data in Bloomberg