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Resources for research and inquiry including; scholarly articles, databases, primary sources, literary criticism and more

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Sample History searches in EEBO (by John Dingle)

Sample History searches in EEBO (by John Dingle)



Early English Books Online (EEBO) is a collection of digitized historical materials covering the years 1473-1700.  EEBO includes historical documents, literature and language, science, medicine and more.  The EEBO-TCP project contains transcriptions of many of the EEBO documents, allowing for full-text searching and textual analysis.

Citing Materials from EEBO

An example in MLA Style:

Lodge, Thomas. Euphues Golden Legacie Found after His Death in His Cell at Silexdra: Bequeathed to Philautus Sonnes, Nursed Up with Their Fathers in England: Fetched from the Canaries, by T. L. Gent. London, 1612.  Early English Books Online, [supply URL].

*there is no need to include the library that the document is held in.