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ENTR 3P98: Family Business

A guide to researching your famous family business project. Find articles in Family Business Review, find biographical sources on your famous family, company info sources, APA style help.

Locate Academic Journal Articles on your Family Business topic

Find Articles IconIn a Hurry? Use These Links Which Work Anywhere:

Finding Articles in The Family Business Review

Option 1: Search This Journal

The most straightforward way to identify articles in Family Business Review (FBR) on a topic is to go to the FBR site in Sage Journals and click on the Search icon. As you input your search terms in the search box, you will be offered two options ( In this journal or In All Sage Journals). Be sure to choose In this journal. It will search within the full text of all issues of FBR back to volume 1, issue 1 (1988).  The results are relevance ranked by default.

Search this journal

Option 2: Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature in Sage Journals lets you combine several topics together, limit by journal name, and even limit by date range. See the example below for an illustration.

Some Tips and Warnings:

  1. Do not use the "Search all journals" box at the very top of the screen as it will search across all the Sage Journals (not just FBR).
  2. FBR journal issues may include book reviews, editorials, and other non-research content. Make sure you carefully examine your articles to ensure they are appropriate.
  3. You do not need to find academic papers that mention your famous family business - concentrate on locating articles on a relevant topic.

How to Cite Family Business Review Articles in APA Style

  • The Sage Journals website has a Cite tool which lets you generate APA Style citations for their journal content.
  • Look for the Cite tool, which should appear in the Article Menu when you view the abstract.
  • Choose the APA Citation Style from the Style Menu. 
  • Click on Copy to Clipboard. The APA formatted citation can then be pasted into a Word document.

Sage Journals - Article MenuCitation Tools - APA Style Example

Finding Articles in the Journal of Family Business Strategy

The Journal of Family Business Strategy is a fairly new peer reviewed journal in the field of family business which was launched in 2010. Brock University has access to all available volumes via our subscription to ScienceDirect.

Once on the journal's home page, you can use the search box at the bottom of the screen to search within this journal for your topic (e.g. sibling rivalry) to see if any articles have appeared. You may also browse each issue, if you wish, using the list of issues.

Journal of Family Business Strategy Home Page Screen

You can also used the Advanced Search option to search within a specific journal.

Advanced Search example

How to Cite Articles from the Journal of Family Business Strategy in APA Style

  • The ScienceDirect website does not have a Cite tool, so your best alternative is to use Omni which does have a Cite tool. 
  • Open a new browser window (or tab) and connect to Omni.
  • Copy the article title and paste it into the Omni keyword search box.
  • Find your article title in the list of search results and click on the article title to view Details. 
  • Click on the " Citation tool (located in the Send To toolbar), and click on APA (6th edition). 
  • Click on Copy Citation to Clipboard, and then paste the citation into a Word document. 

Omni Citation Tool example