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ENTR 3P98: Family Business

A guide to researching your famous family business project. Find articles in Family Business Review, find biographical sources on your famous family, company info sources, APA style help.

Find News & Articles About Your Family Business

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  • You can find in-depth information on your company, or on key family members,  as reported in secondary sources such as newspaper or magazine articles and TV or radio transcripts by searching in the Library's Business or News Databases.
  • Try searching for your company or family name along with keywords such as:  "death OR marriage OR children OR divorce OR conflict" to identify articles that might disclose personal details about the family.
  • In order to answer some of the other questions for your assignment, try a variety of search strategies that employ the keywords you need to find: Bombardier AND (innovation OR leadership OR social responsibility).

Best Databases for News on Canadian Family Businesses

Best Databases for News on U.S. / Global Family Businesses

Best Databases for Historical Research

Other Databases:

Find other types of sources

  • You may need to extend your research to go beyond the usual list of business and news databases, so here are some additional sources that may provide useful information on your famous family.
  • Google offers some very specialized search engines that will search for specific types of sources: news, images, videos, books, scholarly sources, etc.