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Finding articles, books & background info on Finance topics as well as financial data sources, investment research sites, and style guide help.

Financial Data Sources

Financial data is available from a variety of sources including Open Access websites and Library Databases. These are your best bets!


Library Databases:

Other Financial Databases

Accessing Bloomberg Professional Service at Brock University

Disaster Recovery remote access has been disabled. 

The Bloomberg Professional Service is now available in the following locations at the Brock University campus in St. Catharines:

1. In the Goodman School of Business:

  • There are eight terminals temporarily located in GSB 245 while the Canada Games are on campus.
    • Access is restricted to current Brock University students, faculty and staff.

2. In the Brock University Library: Access is restricted to current Brock University students, faculty, and staff (from any academic program).

  • There are two  Bloomberg terminals in the Library:
    • One Library desktop workstation in the Learning Commons has Bloomberg Professional installed on it and includes the Bloomberg keyboard. It is physically located on the desk around the corner from the Ask Us Desk (just look for the sign).
    • One Library laptop has Bloomberg Professional installed on it. 
      • You can sign it out at the Ask Us Desk for a four hour loan period. Overnight loan is also permitted. 
      • It comes with a Bloomberg Keyboard, which you can connect to the laptop with the attached USB connector. Remember to ask for The Bloomberg Laptop. However, it can also be used without the special keyboard. 
      • Please note: a strong wireless connection is required. If you have problems connecting to Bloomberg, check your wireless connection by connecting to the Brock University Wireless network

Access to the Bloomberg Professional Service in the Library including the database subscription and hardware, is available thanks to the generosity of the Goodman School of Business, Brock University.

Please note: Access to the Bloomberg Professional Service is restricted to faculty, staff, and currently registered undergraduate and graduate students of Brock University. It is not available to visitors with a temporary computer account.

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