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Finding articles, books & background info on Finance topics as well as financial data sources, investment research sites, and style guide help.

General Investment Research Sites

There are many free and fee-based investment research web sites that cover a wide variety of investment topics and types of securities. Here is a very selective list of mostly-free sites:

Company, Industry, & Analyst Reports

Bonds, Fixed Income, and Credit Default Swaps

Comprehensive / Historical Data Sources

Other Sources

The following sources listed below are useful if you only need current information:

Exchange Traded Funds

Mutual Funds (Canada)

Start by reviewing the Mutual Fund company's website. Recent performance data may be posted online for current and potential investors.

Library Databases:

Other Sources:

Mutual Funds (US)

Stock Exchanges

Stock exchanges often publish statistical data on market activity. Some reports may be subscription-based, while others are freely available on their public web site. Here are links to a few examples: