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Interactive Arts and Sciences

A guide to help you find relevant books and articles in the interactive arts and sciences


On this page you will find both print and digital resources to help you in your research. There are many e-book collections as well as print materials we have within the Brock Library that relate to the subjects and courses you are taking. Try exploring these collections by using different combinations of keywords related to your topics.  Books and e-books can be excellent sources of both general (background research material) as well as more specific information like collections of scholarly essays. 

Print Material

There are a large number of print resources related to interactive arts and sciences within the library's collection. This list aims to serves as an example of the types of topics covered and showcase items that have been recently added to the collection. Use Omni to search for books, ebooks and book chapters. Be sure to filter your search results by book & ebooks and "available at Brock" for print book options.