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Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources

Tips on finding articles, books & background info on OBHR topics; labour law sources; writing & citing help.

How to find eBooks & eBook chapters On OBHR Topics

Omni is the best search tools to use to find ebooks and ebook chapters on Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management,  and related topics. There are two options:

  • Search by Keyword. This allows you to search the book titles, subject headings, and table of contents of books.   I recommend using the Advanced Search which lets you combine multiple search terms together using connectors such as AND (e.g., motivation AND employees).
  • Search or Browse by Subject using the correct Library of Congress Subject Heading. For example:
    • Personnel Management
    • Compensation Management
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Industrial Relations
    • Collective Bargaining
    • Employees - Training Of
  • Limit the results by Resource Type to Books & eBooks or to Book Chapters.
  • Limit the results by Availability to Available Online.

Interlibrary Loan/ RACER

What if Brock does not have the book I need?

RACER Interlibrary Loan allows users to search in all Ontario university libraries and place requests for items that Brock does not own.

First-time users need to register & create a PIN. More information here.

Search RACER Now