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Company & Industry Research

A detailed guide to conducting research on companies, nonprofits, charities, and industries. Look up NAICS codes, find competitors, industry profiles, financial ratios by industry.

Company Directories, Databases & Statistics

You can identify competitors using a variety of business or company directories, databases, and web sites. You can often identify competitors within the same industry by searching by NAICS code or by keywords in the NAICS description.

Statistics (website):

Canadian Company Directories (Library Databases):

Global/International Company Directories (Library Databases):

Other Sources for Company Profiles

Learn more about your target company's competitors by consulting the following sources of company profiles:


Library Databases:

Finding small & local businesses

It can be difficult to identify small, local businesses in standard company directories or databases. Think outside the box and try the following resources:

Canadian Trade Directories

Consult one of the following trade directories in order to identify companies that manufacture or distribute industrial products and services. Most directories allow you to search by company, product, or brand name, or to browse by category.

International Trade Directories