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Ian Gordon (he/him)

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Ian Gordon (he/him)

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Office: James A. Gibson Library
Ian Gordon, he/him, I am the Liaison Librarian for sciences and additional subject areas. I provide consultation to anyone doing research in additional to helping with getting started with assignments, finding resources, troubleshooting, etc.

Please call, email or best yet, make an online appointment using the "Book a Consultation" app located on this page.

My Guides

Biological Sciences
Last update: Aug 30, 2021 16190 views
Last update: Aug 30, 2021 2721 views
Last update: Sep 20, 2021 524 views
Earth Sciences
Last update: Aug 30, 2021 1342 views
Last update: Sep 16, 2021 3253 views
Last update: Aug 30, 2021 170 views
Oenology & Viticulture
Last update: Sep 21, 2021 373 views
Last update: Sep 15, 2021 698 views
Last update: Oct 21, 2020 60 views
Last update: Sep 22, 2021 1653 views

My Subject Specialties