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What's in the Guide


Welcome to the Chemistry Research Guide!

Welcome! My name is Ian Gordon and I am the Liaison Librarian for Chemistry. Please browse the attached lists of often used and most popular Library databases, books, e-books, full-text databases and selected Internet web resources.

ChemDraw software is available to the Brock Community to assist with creating structures and reactions in addition to searching SciFinder and Reaxys databases. Register now!

Cambridge Crystallography Database (WebCSD) is licensed by the Brock Library, but administered by Razvan Simionescu in the Chemistry Department.

Most often used resources in this guide include ChemSpider, PubChem, Google ScholarSciFinder, Reaxys, Open Educational Resources (OERs) as substitutes for textbooks, Brock Chemistry Ph.D dissertations and Chemistry M.Sc. theses.

The Library provides access to a new resources titled The ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication. This guide provides constantly updated content on scientific communication, journals, data in the new Google era, scientific and editorial style conventions. This resource replaces and comes alongside The ACS Style Guide (2006) which is no longer updated.

Check out my recent paper on how chemists search for, use, and feel about keeping up to date with scholarly resources. Does it make sense and can you hear your own voice as a student?                   

Gordon, I. D.; Meindl, P.; White, M.; Szigeti, K. Information Seeking Behaviors, Attitudes, and Choices of Academic Chemists. Science & Technology Libraries 2018, 37 (2), 130–151.