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Chemistry retrofit guide by Ian



What is this guide for?

This guide for chemistry has been designed as a general program guide and is curated by Brock librarians. It features links to most often used resources such as databases for books, peer-reviewed journal articles, theses, dissertations, open educational resources (OEDs), patents, standards, and more. Use the tabs on the left to navigate through the web page. 

The ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication is an ACS publication that is constantly updated and provides access to the ACS Quick Style Guide that includes excellent information on writing, scholarship and style. 

Selective course-related guides are provided when appropriate every term.

CHEM 2P20 Fall 2023 SciFinder-n Exercise ppt slides (PDF) and YouTube video (19:28)

CHEM 2P21 Winter 2024 Information Exercise form (Word), Amoxicillin sample (PDF), ppt slides (PDF) and video (YouTube, 28:28)

Library Update: Chemistry Information Seeking in an AI-driven World, Feb 2, 2024 ppt slides (PDF)


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Creative Commons License