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Systematic reviews, scoping reviews and other evidence syntheses

Overview of evidence synthesis reviews and relevant strategies, tools and resources.

What is a scoping review?

Scoping reviews (are)… “exploratory projects that systematically map the literature available on a topic, identifying key concepts, theories, sources of evidence and gaps in the research.”
Canadian Institutes of Health Research,

Features of a good scoping review

  • Preliminary assessment of size and scope of available research literature
  • Aims to identify nature and extent of research evidence (often including ongoing research)
  • Search should be comprehensive and sensitive (i.e. broad and inclusive):
  • May include research in progress
  • Synthesis: typically tabular with some narrative commentary

Grant, M. J., & Booth, A. (2009). A typology of reviews: an analysis of 14 review types and associated methodologiesHealth Information & Libraries Journal, (2), 91.

Why do a scoping review?

  • Provide an overview of available literature, identify key themes and foci
  • Summarize & disseminate findings from a body of research evidence
  • Identify gaps in existing literature to support planning future research
  • Determine whether to conduct a full systematic review

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Scoping reviews versus systematic reviews

Both types of review systematically select, collect and summarize a body of research on a particular topic, but there are key differences:

Scoping review guidance

JBI (formerly known as the Joanna Briggs Institute) is a global leader advancing best practices in the conduct of scoping reviews.

Key JBI scoping review guidance:

Additional guidance:

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