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Niagara Region

Cartographic resources pertaining to the Niagara Region

Topographic Maps

National Topographic Series (NTS)

Canadiana - topographic maps

Ontario Base Map Series - Niagara 1:10,000 scale [map] G 3462 N53 A1 1984 O56 (cabinet #11)

Make a Topographic Map – good source for designing a map of a study area for a report. Map detail is based on 1:10,000 topo mapping for Ontario.

Geology/Soils Maps & Reports

Bedrock Topography (OGS) [map] G 3462 N53 C5 1981 B43

P2400 Niagara and Niagara-on-the-Lake
P2401 Grimsby
P2402 Dunnville
P2403 Welland - Fort Erie
The Niagara Peninsula (Bedrock Geology- 1918) GSC [historical map] G 3462 N53 C5 1918 G46
Physiography of Southern Ontario [map] G 3462 S68 C2 1972 C5 map 2226

Quaternary (OGS) [map] G 3462 N53 C57 1975 Q38

P0993 Grimsby
P0764 Niagara
P0796 Welland
P0981 Dunnville
2496 Niagara - Welland [map] G 3462 N53 C57 1984 Q38

Drift Thickness (OGS) [map] G 3462 N53 C38 1982 D754
P0536 Grimsby
P0537 Niagara and Niagara-on-the-Lake
P2486 Welland - Fort Erie

Paleozoic (OGS) [map] G 3462 N53 C5 1976 P354
2343 Grimsby
2344 Niagara
P0988 Dunnville
P0989 Welland - Fort Erie

Soils of the Municipality of Niagara (1:25,000) [map] G 3463 N54 J3 1989 O567 (7 maps)

Maps 1 - 7:

The Soils of the Regional Municipality of Niagara Report [book] S 599 .1 O5 R45 no. 60 vol. 1 & vol. 2