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Niagara Region

Cartographic resources pertaining to the Niagara Region


Canadian Climate Normals 1981-2010

Climate Stations in Niagara: Stations with an ' * ' indicate that this station meets the United Nation's World Meteorological Organization WMO standards.

  • *Vineland Rittenhouse     Lat 43°10' N Long 79°25' W
  • Vineland Station     Lat 43°11' N Long 79°24' W
  • *St. Catharines Airport       Lat 43°12' N Long 79°10.2' W
  • St.Catharines Power Glen      Lat 43°7.2' N Long 79°15.0' W
  • *Fort Erie      Lat 42°52.8' N Long 78°58.2' W
  • Niagara Falls      Lat 43°08' N Long 79°05' W
  • Niagara Falls NPCSH      Lat 43°08' N Long 79°03' W


NPCA Watershed Explorer - interactive mapping site for viewing water and environmental map layers

NPCA Watershed Health

Regional Niagara Environmental Areas [map] G 3463 N54 G3 2001 N53
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Sub-watersheds [map] G 3462 N53 C315 2004 N53 (Also available in Watershed Explorer)
Natural Areas Inventory 2006-2009 [book] QH 77 C2 N535 2010 v.1-2 (Also available as GIS data)