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A research guide to help you find scores, recordings, books, and articles in the field of music.

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles are commonly required as part of university-level assignments. This is because scholarly articles are written by scholars or experts and have been approved by other experts in the field through a rigorous review processes such as peer-review. Scholarly articles are not without flaws, but their publication process includes many steps for verifying facts, reducing bias, and identifying conflicts of interest. 



Find Scholarly Articles:

Tip: Many databases house a variety of information sources (not just scholarly articles). If you want to only see scholarly articles in your results, look for a way to limit to "peer-reviewed" or "academic articles" or another similar option to take out any results that are not scholarly articles. These options can usually be found in the advanced search section of a databases or in within the limiter options on the side of the results list.


Here are a list of some databases to try if you are looking for scholarly articles related Music and Musical research. It should be noted that this is a limited list and since Music courses can examine many aspects of society, culture, intersectionality and other related disciplines, it can be helpful to check out other research guides depending on your research topic or context (e.g. for historical research related to Ancient Greek music it might be helpful to check out the Classics & Archeology guide).