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A research guide to find scholarly articles, primary material, books and resources related to the History program


On this page you will find both print and digital resources to help you in your research. There are many e-book collections as well as print materials we have within the Brock Library that relate to the subjects and courses you are taking. Try exploring these collections by using different combinations of keywords related to your topics.  Books and e-books can be excellent sources of both general (background research material) as well as more specific information like collections of scholarly essays.

General Biographies

Subject Biographies

There are many biographies on many subjects. Try combining your catalogue search with the subject term biography for best results.

Find biographies at Brock

To find biographies, use the advanced search feature of OMNI and add biography as a SUBJECT search term, then your search topic:

Search in Omni for biographies


See the results of this search, then try it using you own search terms.