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MGMT 4P90:Business Strategy (Helms)

A guide to information sources for business strategy and strategic management research (external analysis, industry research, current developments) for Dr Helms' course; citing sources in APA.

Industry Analysis & Reports

Industry analysis and reports include information such as trends, competitors, forecasting, statistics, regulations, and performance indicators. It's beneficial to use a combination of industry information from commercial databases (available through the library) and publicly available information provided through industry associations and governments.

For Used Goods Sector reports: Search for industry reports using terms like "used goods," "thrift stores," etc. You can also try searching for Goodwill and other competitor organization names.

  • Thrift Stores operate in the Retail Trade Sector of the economy.
    • 453310 is the NAICS code for the Used Merchandise Stores Industry.
    • 5932 is the SIC code for the Used Merchandise Stores Industry.
  • If you consult an information source which provides statistical data by NAICS or SIC code, these codes might be helpful to have on hand. 

For job training reports: Search for industry reports using terms like "job training," "career counselling," "vocational rehabilitation," etc.