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MGMT 4P90:Business Strategy (Helms)

A guide to information sources for business strategy and strategic management research (external analysis, industry research, current developments) for Dr Helms' course; citing sources in APA.

Company Analysis and Reports

Many databases and research firms provide company analysis and reports which include information such as SWOT analyses, competitors, key financials, board members, company history, news, annual reports. It's beneficial to use a combination of company information from commercial databases (available through the library) and publicly available information provided by the company.

For Goodwill reports and analysis: As there are many Goodwill locations, be specific with your searches. If looking for information on a specific location, use search filters and terms to pinpoint that location (e.g. Goodwill Niagara). If searching for information about Goodwill in general, use the company's full name Goodwill Industries International.