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Citing & Referencing

Other Citation Styles

There are many citation styles beyond the most commonly used options (ALA, Chicago, and MLA). Certain disciplines are required to use specific styles that adhere to the unique kinds of information researchers tend to cite. Below is a list of styles that are used in disciplines taught at the university. This is not an exhaustive list.

ACS (American Chemical Society)

AEA (American Economic Association)

The following citation style guides are frequently used when writing Economics papers. They are based on the Chicago Manual of Style Author-Date system. 

AMA (American Medical Association)

ASA (American Sociological Association)

CSE/CBE (Council of Science Editors/ Council of Biology Editors)

Harvard System of Referencing

NLM (National Library of Medicine)/ Vancouver Style

The citation style of Citing Medicine is the current version of the Vancouver system developed for Canadian publications in the health/physical sciences.