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Welcome! This guide brings together recommended resources for finding and doing research in the field of [insert program name]. Here you'll find links to key resources for finding peer-reviewed journal articles, books, news sources and more. Use the tabs on the left to navigate through the guide or start by exploring the Top 5 Resources below. 

Where to Find Background Information

Reference sources like encyclopedia entries and subject dictionaries are great resources for learning about your topic.  What are the main theories related to your topic? Who are the key theorists? What disciplines are related to your topic? You can find scholarly summaries and background information on your topic using reference sources found in the resources listed below. 

News Sources

Scholarly articles published in peer-reviewed journals often use technical language and are so detailed they can be difficult for the general public to use. For this reason, research studies are often summarized in popular news sources such as newspaper articles, magazines and news sites. This makes academic research accessible to more people and how it applies in real-world contexts.  



Data, Statistics & Government Docs Intro

Using data as a source can help you learn more about your topic, provide evidence for an argument, persuade your readers, and provide context to on the current state of affairs related to your topic.

Books Intro

Books offer in-depth coverage of a subject, overviews of a big topic, background information, as well as recommended readings, or a bibliography.  Academic books are often a collection of essays or have distinct chapters on specific aspects of the topic at hand.  Use the Table of Contents or the Index of a book to find the book chapter that fits your needs.