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MSc In Management Research Guide

Finding theses & dissertations, research methods, writing up your research findings, conducting & writing literature reviews, finding publishing opportunities, journal impact factors & rankings, statistical software packages.

Sage Research Methods Online

Finding books & ebooks on research methods and statistics

Browse Omni by Subject or search by Keyword to identify books on research methods in Business, Management, and the Social Sciences. These are usually assigned subject headings using the following pattern: Subject Area - Research; or  Subject Area - Methodology

For example:

  • Accounting - Research - Methodology 
  • Business - Research - Methodology
  • Management - Research - Methodology
  • Marketing Research
  • Social Sciences - Methodology

In addition, there are many books on specific research methods and statistical techniques such as:

  • Factor analysis
  • Social Surveys
  • Structural Equation Modeling

Some examples of titles include:

Dictionaries on Research Methods & Statistics