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MSc In Management Research Guide

Finding theses & dissertations, research methods, writing up your research findings, conducting & writing literature reviews, finding publishing opportunities, journal impact factors & rankings, statistical software packages.

Finding Theses & Dissertations

The following are excellent tools to use to find theses and dissertations:

Library Databases:

Open Access Repositories:

Writing a Thesis or Dissertation

Brock University Resources:


The following sources provide guidance on writing up your research in the form of a thesis or dissertation*.  You can identify additional titles by searching Omni by subject for:

  • Dissertations, Academic
  • Dissertations, Academic - Authorship
  • Dissertations, Academic - Handbooks, Manuals, Etc.

* In Canada and the United States, graduate students write a Masters Thesis or a PhD Dissertation. However, in the UK, it is a Masters Dissertation and a PhD Thesis.

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