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MSc In Management Research Guide

Finding theses & dissertations, research methods, writing up your research findings, conducting & writing literature reviews, finding publishing opportunities, journal impact factors & rankings, statistical software packages.

Conducting & Writing Literature Reviews

  • An important step in the research process for your Master's thesis is the literature review. This is the section of your thesis where you identify and critically discuss previously published literature (e.g. journal articles or other theses) relevant to your research topic.
  • There are many guides available on how to conduct and write up literature reviews. Here are a few to get you started:

Systematic Approaches

Writing a Literature Review Section - Video Tutorial

The following videos from San Jose State University's King Library provide an in depth introduction to writing literature reviews. They distinguish between writing a literature review section (of a paper, or thesis), and writing a literature review paper (a standalone paper which synthesizes the literature on your topic).

Writing a Literature Review Paper - Video tutorial

Literature Reviews: An Overview (Video tutorial, 9m 38s)

This video tutorial, from North Carolina State University Libraries, is targeted specifically at graduate students, and explains how literature reviews fit in to the overall research process.