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Teaching Toolkit

a professional development resource for liaison librarians at Brock University

Our Teaching

This section of the toolkit contains information about the teaching profiles, reporting library instruction statistics, and Brock documents concerning teaching and learning. 

Library Statistics

Reported annually to CARL (Canadian Association of Research Libraries)

2009-2010:  248 classes, 11,565 students

2010-2011:  293 classes, 11,439 students

2011-2012:  205 classes, 11,085 students

2012-2013:  214 classes,  11,104 students

2013-2014:  279 classes,  12,593 students

2014-2015:  291 classes, 13,813 students

Keeping Track 

All liaison librarians engaged in instruction record sessions in an internal library form. Information collected includes librarian name, class, instructor name, date, number of students, form of instruction (in person or online), and any additional documents the librarian might wish to also post to the form. Individual research consultations are tracked using a separate form.

Library Teaching Profiles 

The Teaching Profiles provide a snapshot of where in the curriculum library instruction has taken place. Their purpose is to serve as a foundation for conversations with faculty about where instruction might best fit in the future. By charting which classes have requested sessions, faculty and librarians can plot a course forward that reduces the same students having multiple sessions at similar levels and that focuses library instruction where it might be best suited.

The Teaching Profiles also serve as a library curriculum map to the Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Level Expectations

Teaching Profile Template

Brock Documents

The Library's Role in Teaching and Learning at Brock - document prepared for Dr. Anna Lathrop, V.P. Teaching and Learning, by D. Kalvee and B. McDonald, Associate University Librarians and Laurie Morrison, Head, Liaison Services, November 22, 2012

Institutional Teaching and Learning Plan - document prepared by Anna Lathrop, V.P. Teaching and Learning, Barry W.K. Joe, Director, and Jill D. Grose, Associate Director, Centre for Pedagogical Innovation, Draft April 3, 2013