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Teaching Toolkit

a professional development resource for liaison librarians at Brock University

Formative and Summative Examples


(developing, along the way)

Useful for one-shot sessions -   

1 minute essay


   open-ended questions

   Likert scales

Can also be documented observations.


(at the end)

Useful for end-of-term projects, and for summary results for programs, departments, universities -



 - RAILS (Rubric Assessment of Information Literacy Skills): Collection of Rubrics

 - Brock in-house rubric for Undergraduate Library Research Award:

Submissions will be judged on a 15-point scale.  Up to five points can be awarded for each of the three categories below:

Sources Consulted


(1-5 points)


Description of Searching Process


(1-5 points)

Evidence of Learning


(1-5 points)

Were sources popular or scholarly?  Were a sufficient number of sources consulted?


Was a search topic clearly articulated?

Did the student articulate what was learned during the process?

Were sources current?  Were both print and electronic sources consulted?


Were keywords identified?  Was a search statement constructed?

Did the student describe changes in searching behavior when confronted with inadequate results?

Were sources appropriate for the assignment?  Were sources credible and authoritative?


What finding tools were used and how were they chosen?

Did the student learn anything new about the library that was not known before?

What library services were used – asking for reference assistance, interlibrary loan, attendance at any library workshops?


Did the student modify the search statement along the way, and how it was modified?

Did the student express increasing confidence in their research abilities during the course of this process?

Were sources cited appropriately and consistently within the parameters of a particular style? (MLA, APA)

How did the student determine which were the best sources?

Did the student express how describing this process might help them in future coursework?