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MKTG 3P96: Marketing Research

A course guide created for MKTG 3P96 (marketing research) which reviews information sources on marketing scales, articles, market data, mass media & polling data, commercial market research, writing, and citing sources.

Find Academic Marketing Research

  • Discover the results of previous marketing research studies by searching for articles published in newspapers, magazines, and academic journals.
    • Original studies will appear as articles in academic (i.e. scholarly) journals in Business, Marketing, Psychology, or other subject areas.
    • Summaries written in nontechnical language may appear in business or news magazines and trade journals.
    • Journalists may also report on key findings in newspapers or online news blogs, or in other media outlets.

Your "Best Bets" for finding scholarly journal articles are:

Finding Academic Research

Finding academic research is an iterative process with multiple steps, as illustrated in the following graphic.

Tips for Creating Effective Search Strategies