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MKTG 3P96: Marketing Research

A course guide created for MKTG 3P96 (marketing research) which reviews information sources on marketing scales, articles, market data, mass media & polling data, commercial market research, writing, and citing sources.

Finding Secondary Data

The links on this page point to frequently used secondary data sources including:

Socioeconomic & Demographic Data


  • One of the best sources for Canadian demographic and socioeconomic data is Statistics Canada, which is Canada's national statistical agency. Much of it is freely available on the Statistics Canada web site ( The best way to identify relevant data from Statistics Canada is to browse statistics By Subject on their home page.

United States


Sales, Consumer Spending & Market Share Data

  • A firm's market share can be estimated by dividing a firm's sales by total market sales (source:
  • Consult company financial reports or published sales figures as reported in trade publications. Some standard sources and tips on identifying additional sources of market share data appear below. 
  • You may also be able to gather data on market share by searching in the Library's Business Databases (Business Premium Collection or Business Source Complete for articles that mention the phrase "market share" along with your company name, industry name, or product category).

Statistics Canada

United States Census Bureau

Commercial Market Research Databases & Other Sources

Other Secondary Data Sources

Don't forget to consider other stakeholders, such as Federal or Provincial Government Departments, Municipalities, Economic Development Agencies, or Industry Associations, as sources of market research data.