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Accounting standards (CICA Handbook, IFRS), annual reports, articles, bankruptcy research, books, corporate governance, dictionaries & encyclopedias, tax research, writing & citing.

Finding Corporate Annual Reports

Annual reports (10-Ks), quarterly reports (10-Qs), and other securities filings for public companies are usually posted on a company's web site in an area labeled Investor Relations. For a good example, see Apple's Investor Relations site. However, companies usually only archive the most recent few years of their reports. If you require access to older reports or financial statement data, you should consult one of the following sources:

Free (Open Access) Websites:

Library Databases:

Understanding financial statements & ratios

The following guide books are useful for anyone who needs to study the financial statements within annual reports (e.g., balance sheet, income statement) , or who might be researching companies and conducting financial ratio analysis, and who does not have an accounting or finance background.

How can I tell if a company is public or private?

  • Look up your company by name using one of our Company information databases:
    • In Nexis Uni, use the Company search feature
      • If the company is Private, look at the Business Description portion of the Snapshot as it will often include a brief statement on ownership.
      • The Company Snapshot indicates the company type (Public or Private).
    • In Mergent Online, use Basic Search (select all available company databases)
      • Enter the Company Name & Go.

Researching Canadian & U.S. public companies

The following guides provide additional information on researching companies via their annual reports, financial statements, management information circulars and other securities filings: