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ENTR 2P91: Entrepreneurship

A brief guide to conducting research for your assignments.

APA Style Help

APA 6th edition

APA Style Tutorials

The following additional resources provide assistance in citing sources according the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA):

Sample Business Reports with APA Style References

Citing Industry & Market Research Reports

1. Determine if the report was written by an individual (analyst).

  • If so, then use the name of the analyst as the author of the report.
  • If not, then use the name of the publisher or organization as the author of the report

2. Here are suggested APA Style (6th edition) citations for reports from Mintel Academic and IBISWorld, where the analyst is named as the author of the report.



Citing Business Sources in APA Style (Brock University Library)

This guide will walk you through the entire process of citing sources from creating in-text citations to your References list. It includes example citations from popular Business databases and statistics sources, as well as examples of how to cite audiovisual materials, and how to cite sources in your business presentations.