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ENTR 2P91: Entrepreneurship

A brief guide to conducting research for your assignments.

Product/Service Feasibility Analysis

Clipboard1. Design & Conduct Primary Research

  • As part of your product/service feasibility analysis, you should conduct primary research with potential customers in order to assess the desirability of your new product/service idea, as well as evidence of likely demand.  Examples of primary research include concept tests and buying intention surveys. 

News2. Find Secondary Sources

  • Find additional evidence of likely demand by looking for information about the new product or service in secondary sources such as business, industry, or news sources available from Library Databases or other online sources.

1. Design & Conduct Primary Market Research

2. Find Secondary Sources

Another method of assessing the demand for a product or service is to find articles written about the problem your proposed product or service is trying to solve. These articles may have been published online or in newspapers, business journals, or industry / trade magazines*

Recommended Library News Databases:

Recommended Library Business Databases

Smart Google Searching

  • Google News Search (see link below) can also be an effective tool for identifying the latest news stories from a wide variety of news sources. However, most publications are not freely available online, so your best bet is to look in one or more of the Library's News or Business Databases.