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ENTR 2P91: Entrepreneurship

A brief guide to conducting research for your assignments.

Industry & Target Market Feasibility Analysis

This part of the feasibility analysis process involves assessing industry attractiveness, target market attractiveness, and market timeliness.

The resources listed in this section can help you to:

  1. Investigate the industry and competitive landscape and identify relevant NAICS industry codes
  2. Identify the target market and potential customers
  3. Conduct more in depth research using a variety of secondary information and data sources

Investigate the Industry / Competitive Landscape

You can learn more about industries and the competitive landscape by consulting published industry reports. Start by first identifying the relevant NAICS Industry Code, and then consult these Library Databases:

Please refer to the Company & Industry Research Guide for detailed guidance and sources to help you research industries, identify competitors, and gain a deeper understanding of industry attractiveness.

Identify Your Target Market and Potential Customers

The following market research databases will help you define your target market, gain insight into your potential customers, and assess target market attractiveness.

Socioeconomic & Demographic Data

Customer markets can be segmented by geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behaviourial factors, while business markets can be segmented by geographic, customer type, and buyer behavior (source:

You can gather socioeconomic, demographic, and geographic data on your target market in Canada using the following sources:

Sales, Market Share, & Spending Data

Consult company financial reports or published sales figures as reported in trade publications. Some standard sources of spending and market share data appear below:

How do I Calculate Total Addressable Market (TAM) or Market Share?

These websites provide guidance and support for calculating your total addressable market and market share:

Niagara Resources

Is your target geographic market in the Niagara Region? If so, consult the list of Niagara Resources presented below.