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Teacher Education

A research guide to help you find books, articles and other resources on topics in Teacher Education.

Finding Articles

Recommended for Education, these databases contain mostly journal articles but also professional and trade magazines, conference papers, theses, and more. 

Find more databases on the Library Databases page. Click on Education for a list of databases covering education topics.

Finding articles about children's literature

Try some of the following resources to find journal articles on an author/book or children's literature criticism. 


  • Search for an author in the Subject field to find articles about books by a particular author 

screenshot of advanced search showing Subject search for Jacqueline Woodson

  • Search for a specific book title to find information about that book, or add the book title to your author search
  • Add "criticism" to your search to find critical articles 

Finding Journal Articles

Do you need to find peer-reviewed journal articles?

Peer-reviewed articles may also be referred to as scholarly, academic or refereed articles. These articles generally have the following characteristics:

  • written by scholars, researchers for an audience of fellow scholars and researchers
  • may contain footnotes or other notes
  • list many references
  • often contain original research
  • are usually lengthy

Before being published, a journal article must first go through a review process to ensure it meets accepted scholarly standards. The article should also contribute significant, original research to the field. 

Watch What's Peer Review?