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ENTR 4P10: Planning New Venture Creation

A guide to conducting research for your new venture plan assignment. Covers finding business ideas, company & industry research, markets, financials, sample business plans, and APA style help.

Secondary Market Data Sources

Secondary market data includes:

  • socioeconomic, demographic, geographic, and psychographic data
  • sales, market share, and spending data
  • mobile, social, and mass media data 

Socioeconomic & Demographic Data

Target market graphicCustomer markets can be segmented by geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioural factors, while business markets can be segmented by geographic, customer type, and buyer behaviour. (source: 

You can gather this type of data on your target market using the following sources:

Best Bets for Canadian Consumer Markets

Best Bets for Canadian Business Markets

Niagara Resources

Is your target geographic market in the Niagara Region? If so, consult the list of Niagara Resources presented below.

Sales, Market Share, & Spending Data

pie chart

A firm's market share can be calculated by dividing a firm's sales by total market sales (source:

Consult company financial reports or published sales figures as reported in trade publications. Some standard sources and tips on identifying additional sources of market share data appear below:

Mobile, Social, & Mass Media Data

Consult the following specialized sources to gather information on mobile, social, mass media, and other channels: