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MGMT 4P90: Business Strategy

A guide to information sources for business strategy and strategic management research (external analysis, industry research, current developments); citing sources in APA and criteria for evaluating sources.

Getting Started With Business Strategy Research

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This course guide is targeted at Brock University students enrolled in MGMT 4P90:  Business Strategy and contains information to help you conduct research for your Service Learning (SL) assignment or other projects.

The information sources in this guide have been selected to provide background on your SL client's external environment including the macro environment and the operating or industry environment. 

  • Some links will point to content in ebooks or Library databases, which may be accessed from off-campus by signing in with your Brock University portal username and password. Learn more about a resource by clicking on the Information icon. More Information Icon
  • Some links will point to websites which do not require a subscription. These are noted with an orange open padlock, which indicates they are Open Access. Open Access icon

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