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MGMT 4P90: Business Strategy

A guide to information sources for business strategy and strategic management research (external analysis, industry research, current developments); citing sources in APA and criteria for evaluating sources.

External Analysis: Operating / Industry Environment

The intelligence sources listed on this page can assist you in understanding your organization's industry or operating environment.

Company Directories, Databases & Statistics

You can identify competitors using a variety of business or company directories, databases, and web sites. You can often identify competitors within the same industry by searching by NAICS code or by keywords in the NAICS description.

Source with Canadian content:

Sources with global/international coverage:

Best Sources for Industry Profiles

You can learn more about industries and the competitive landscape by consulting one or more of the following sources of industry profiles and/or statistical data.

Sources with Canadian content:

Sources with Canadian, US, or Global content:

Other Sources