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ENTR 2P51: Entrepreneurship Basics

Sources & strategies for feasibility analysis & entrepreneurial startups.

Organizational Feasibility

Organizational Feasibility Analysis includes the assessment of:

  • management prowess: what is the ability of the initial management team?
  • resource sufficiency: what nonfinancial resources such as human resources (management, employees), facilities/location, equipment, intellectual property protection, etc. are required?

If you are starting a specific type of small business, such as a restaurant or a retail store, there are often 'how to' books that might answer these types of questions. Search in Omni (Brock Library's academic search tool), in or Google Books to identify relevant titles.

Human Resources

Do you require employees with specialized skills? How hard will it be to recruit key employees? 

Facilities / Location, & Production / Operations

The following sources can help when assessing production and operating requirements for your new product or service as well as the availability of affordable office, retail, manufacturing, of other types of spaces:

Sourcing Equipment & Suppliers

Consult one of the following trade directories in order to identify companies that manufacture or distribute industrial products and services. Most directories allow you to search by company, product, or brand name, or to browse by category.

Incorporation, Intellectual Property & Other Legal Issues

The following sources provide information on business structures (e.g., incorporation), laws & regulations, business names, business permits, & business licenses, in Canada:

Intellectual Property: Copyright, Trademarks, Patents, & Industrial Designs

Canadian Information Sources:

Mobile App Developers And Intellectual Property

Canadian Legal Information Sources:

U.S. Legal Information Sources:

Intellectual Property Licensing

What is Licensing? Find out by reading these topic overviews: