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ENTR 2P51: Entrepreneurship Basics

Sources & strategies for feasibility analysis & entrepreneurial startups.

What is a Startup Ecosystem?

Startup Genome's glossary defines a startup ecosystem as: "a shared pool of resources, generally located within a 60-mile (100 kilometer) radium around a center point in a given region, with a few exceptions based on  local reality. Resources typically include policymakers, accelerators, incubators, coworking spaces, educational institutions, and funding groups". 

Startup Ecosystem Directories

Startup Ecosystem News

Researching Entrepreneurs

Research Tip:

You can find in-depth information on entrepreneur or startups as reported in secondary sources such as books, newspaper or magazine articles, TV or radio transcripts, or other online publications by searching for the entrepreneur or founder's name along with the company name in one or more of these Library Databases:

Other Sources: