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Articles, books & background info, business plans, financial ratios, finding theories, going global, guides to starting a business, real estate, stock ownership data, writing and citing.

Find eBooks & eBook chapters on Entrepreneurship

Use Omni (our Academic Search Tool) to find ebooks, and ebook chapters on Entrepreneurship and related topics.

  1. Enter your search terms into the Omni simple search box. By default, Omni will search for your keywords in any field.

  2. In order to limit your results to just Books at Brock, you need to modify your results by Resource Type to Books & eBooks 

  3. In order to limit your results to ebooks, choose Available Online.

  4. If you wish to search by Subject, you need to use the Advanced Search option.  

  5. Change the default search field from any field, to Subject. Be sure to use the correct Library of Congress Subject Heading. For example:

    • Entrepreneurship
    • New Business Enterprises
    • Small Business
    • Family-owned business enterprises

Finding Background Information

Reference sources such as Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Handbooks are useful starting points for finding background information on a topic or to look up definitions of unfamiliar terms. Here are some core sources in Entrepreneurship

Finding Entrepreneurship / Management Theories

Consult one or more of the following sources for overviews of the top theories related to entrepreneurship and family business such as stakeholder theory, resource-based view, etc. Each encyclopedia entry should cite key sources such as the original studies (journal articles or books) that first proposed the theory