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MBAB 5P23: Entrepreneurship

A guide to sources useful for researching and writing a business plan.

Industry & Target Market Analysis

Industry CompetitorsThis part of the feasibility analysis process involves assessing industry attractiveness, target market attractiveness, and market timeliness. 


The sources listed in this section can help you to:

  1. investigate the industry and the competitive landscape 
  2. Identify the target market & potential customers
  3. conduct more in depth research using a variety of secondary information and data sources

1. Investigate the Industry / Competitive Landscape

You can learn more about industries and the competitive landscape by consulting published industry reports. Start by consulting these sources:

Library Databases:

Other Sources:

For Additional Sources, Consult These Research Guides:

2. Identify Target Market & Potential Customers

The following market research databases will help you define your target market, gain insight into your potential customers, and assess target market attractiveness.

Start Here:

Library Databases:

Are you conducting International Target Market research? Consult the resources listed on the International Entrepreneurship Research Guide:

3. Conduct in-depth research using authoritative sources

For additional research tips and data sources to assist you with defining target markets and market segmentation, please consult these research guides: