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Finding articles, books & background info on Marketing topics; advertising & mass media; market data sources; marketing plans; writing & citing help.

Find Articles on Marketing Topics

You can find articles in newspapers, magazines, or academic journals on Marketing topics by starting in one of these Library Databases:

Other Ways to Find Scholarly Journal Articles

Journal Citation Reports

What are the top academic (peer-reviewed) journals in Marketing?

  • One way to determine this is to consult the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) Library Database.  JCR journal rankings are frequently used to identify the top journals based on impact factor.
  • Marketing journals are included in the JCR Social Sciences Edition under the subject category of Business.
  • Some of the top ranked journals are:
    • Journal of Marketing
    • Journal of Marketing Research
    • Journal of Consumer Research
    • Journal of the Academic of Marketing Science

Interlibrary Loan/ RACER

What if Brock does not have the article I need?

RACER Interlibrary Loan allows users to search in all Ontario university libraries and place requests for items that Brock does not own.

First-time users need to register & create a PIN. More information here.

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