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Finding articles, books & background info on Marketing topics; advertising & mass media; market data sources; marketing plans; writing & citing help.

Find Books & Book Chapters on Marketing topics

Omni is your key research tool for finding books and book chapters on Marketing and related topics. 

How to Find eBooks & Book Chapters on Marketing topics in Omni

Use Omni to find ebooks and book chapters on Marketing topics. You can find Omni on the Library Home Page. It is also linked under the Search drop-down menu on our Home Page. Remember to sign in with your Brock Campus ID and Password for full access to content, features, and your library account.

1. Omni has two search modes: Simple Search and Advanced Search

Omni Simple Search

2. Click on the link to the right of the simple search box to switch over to Advanced Search.

Omni Advanced Search

3. Enter your search terms into the Search Boxes. For example, if you want to find books and ebooks on conducting focus groups for marketing, your search strategy could be:

Focus Groups search strategy

4. Be sure to limit your results by Resource Type to Books & eBooks, and by Availability to Available Online.

5. If you wish to include Book Chapters, you should initially leave the Resource Type set to All Items. 

Omni Search Strategy Example

5.You can  filter your search results by Resource Type to Book Chapters and by Availability to Available Online

Omni search results for book chapters


6. Scan the Search Results list, sorted by Relevance, for items of interest.