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MBAB 5P62: Marketing Research

A course guide created for MBAB 5P62 (marketing research) which reviews information sources on marketing scales, articles, market data, mass media & polling data, commercial market research, writing, and citing sources.

Getting Started With Marketing Research

Stack of books with an open book laying on top


This guide is targeted at Brock University students who are conducting research for MBAB 5P62: Marketing Research and provides guidance on how to access a wide variety of secondary sources.

What are secondary sources?

Secondary sources of market research are information sources that have already been collected by someone else for another purpose, and can include information and data published in books, articles, and on the Internet.

  • Some links will point to Library books, academic or professional journals, or databases. You can access Library databases and other online (subscription-based) sources from off-campus by signing in with your Brock University Username and Password. These are noted with an Info icon.Information Icon
  • Some links will point to web sites which do not require a subscription. These are noted with an orange open padlock icon, which indicates they are Open Access or Open Data sources. 

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